Очистка нефти, нефтепродуктов и сточных вод от меркаптанов и сероводорода
VNIIUS is a leading research institute in Russia in the field of technologies of production and consumption of hydrocarbon feed, sulfur-organic chemistry.

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  • Development of new and modification of existing processes of oil, gas, petroleum products and waste waters treatment for sulfur compounds
  • Production and supply of catalysts for hydrocarbon feed desulfurization
  • Development of new and modification of existing technologies of oil preparation under field conditions and gas fractionation
  • Test of oil, petroleum products and gases in accredited Test center and issue of a test protocol
  • Development and implementation of gas chromatographic methods
  • Preparation of gas mixtures which have a status of state standard reference samples (SRS)
  • Development of standards on products of gas and oil processing
  • Development of norms of process losses of oil and oil products during production and norms of fuel and other utilities consumption for oil processing enterprises
  • Development of regulations for manufacturing products of gas and oil processing plants
  • Development of balances of hydrocarbon feed production and consumption and feasibility study of raw materials base of petrochemical plants

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